Echoes of the City: Edinburgh’s Hidden Stories came about as a project conceived by Miriam Johnson and is being produced with support from The Bridge Awards and Edinburgh City of Literature.


Miriam Johnson is originally from Alabama and has spent ten years making the UK her home. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh and is currently researching for her PhD in Publishing and Social Media with Oxford Brookes University. She is part of the popular restaurant review site Lunchquest and plays roller derby with the Auld Reekie Roller Girls in her spare time.


The Bridge Awards is a philanthropic venture that provides funding for the arts. This support is given in the form of annual awards and regular micro-funding opportunities. Details of  current projects and future opportunities can be found on their website.


Edinburgh City of Literature is a tiny outfit of three full-time staff, guided and supported by a Board of Trustees and a group of former Trustees, friends, advisers, helpers and the occasional project manager in shining armour. Everyone who works with the Trust is an enthusiast and story-lover fuelled by passion, hot chocolate, the odd dram and a bit of money. Being small means being fleet of foot, always birlin’ with ideas (the Trust’s and its partners) and always ready to listen to more.


Chris Red is a Edinburgh-based graphic designer and photographer who has worked on designing visual elements for projects with OxJam and The Scottish Transgender Alliance. She designed the logo for Echoes of the City and makes an excellent cup of coffee.


Jessica Dale studied at Glasgow School of Art. She now conducts practical artistic experiments in her William Street cafe, Strumpets.

The Saltire Society
is an apolitical membership association focused on being an international supporter and patron of the arts and cultural heritage of Scotland.

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