After a hard decision narrowing down the long list to just 15 stellar works, the judges panel has made their decision to include the following authors and their works.

Thank you to everyone who submitted work.


Jane Aldous – Washerwomen on Calton Hill

Jane Alexander – All That Lasts

Laura Anderson – The Advocate

Rebecca Bonallie – Hands of Flint and Steel

Caroline Deacon – Broughton Street

Carol Farrelly – Pufferfish

K L Gillespie – Political Machinations

Angela Hughes – Calton Hill

Karen Hussain – The Wind

Katie Munnik – Meadows Walk

Lexi Knott – The Dreamers Abyss

Catherine Simpson – Giuseppe and Rosa go up in the World

Jean Taylor – In Canongate Kirk

Jay Whittaker – You are invited to the wedding of Rob and Nigel

Kirsti Wishart – The Brownies and the Faun

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