echoes of the City

Using Podwalk, a social, geo-locational, podcasting app, Echoes of the City: Edinburgh’s Hidden Stories, takes the works of fifteen new authors and place them throughout the city using the geo-locational interface via Podwalk’s app and this website. The project highlights the voices of new and up and coming writers and gives unique, creative angles to some of the most interesting sites in Edinburgh.


By geo-locating the stories in unique places throughout the city centre, the project engages listeners by taking them on a journey of stories and poetry, exploring sides of the city they might not have found through conventional means. The use of the Podwalk app is supplemented by this website, which will feature information about the project, biographies of the authors, written and audio copies of the stories, and a map of where users can find and listen to them.


Go off the beaten track

With Echoes of the City: Hidden Stories of Edinburgh, we want to reach people who are tech savvy and interested in the city of Edinburgh and literature. This extends to those who live in Edinburgh and those who are visiting.


We want writers from around the world to think of the city’s physical heritage in a new way. Echoes of the City asks audiences to venture just a few feet farther than the tourist destinations and listen to a piece of writing that gives life to an area in a unique way.


The locations were chosen in consultation with the Bridge Awards and Edinburgh City of Literature. The goal is to take listeners off the tourist trail of in the heart of Edinburgh. Keeping this in mind, authors can still tell their story about and around a tourist location, but it needs to be a different angle, and geo-located in a different area. A list of these areas was provided in the call for submissions.


Locations were chosen based on accessibility (i.e. no stories locked in the centre of the castle) and how the location contributes to a different literary view of  the heart of Edinburgh, while pulling people a little bit away from the main tourist beats.


The Writers

We looked for up to fifteen authors to take part. The split of poetry/fiction was flexible depending on the works that were submitted.


Writers must be new/early career authors who had yet to have more than one book or one collection of poetry published. This includes self-published works. There was no limit on the individual short stories/essays/poems they may have published to be considered. The call for participants had international scope in that the person writing the story must know the city well enough to have a story that relates to a specific location. However, it does not matter if that story was written by someone from outside Scotland, who has travelled there on holiday or business.


What happens to the submissions?

Submissions were judged by a panel made up of project manager Miriam Johnson, representatives from partners with The Bridge Awards and Edinburgh City of Literature, Blythe Robertson (our social media manager), Asif Khan of The Scottish Poetry Library, and Roland Gulliver of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The panel selected 15 stories and poems to be recorded and geo-located through the app. The stories were voiced by actors to enable them to be easily understood and aurally engaging, and recorded and edited by a sound technician.


The stories and poems also find a home on this website, with audio files, texts versions, author bios, and an interactive map showing where the stories are located in the city. Echoes of the City went live on May 16th, 2017.

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