Launched in 2015, Podwalk is a podcasting SNS that allows users to download the app and find podwalks that are tied to locations, find connections, create lists, and search for others by their names, connections, or hashtags. Much like Bubbly, there have been voice-recording based SNS previously, but Podwalk stands out by geo-locating the recordings. The tagline of the company is “Everyplace has a story to tell” and it states that “Podwalk lets you listen to stories at locations in the real world. It’s an immersive way of learning about and experiencing the places you visit. A Podwalk is a podcast with chapters that link to places in the real world. The app knows where you are, and plays the right chapter at the right place.” (Podwalk, 2015).


Users of the free service can download the app and listen stories as they travel around an area for free. The recordings are tied to the physical location, where they are pinned. Users can physically go to the place where a podwalk has been dropped to hear it, or they can download the audio to save on their data usage. The recordings can be stored in the app for replaying later, away from the location.


With easy integration into other SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, Podwalk has made use of larger sites to draw in users who may like to explore its features. Podwalk offers two simple account types: one for users, and one for makers. Podwalk offers users a new way to tell stories by tying them to a physical place, a feature that is sure to influence future SNS and the way users experience creative outlets.


Other organisations such as the Ibsen Museum, The National Gallery of Denmark, and the Danish Architecture Centre, and more all use Podwalk to  tell their stories.


Visit the Podwalk website to learn more.

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